IUPUI-S.I.T.E. [Skills for Independence, Transition, and Employment]

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

902 West New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: 317.274.6861

Primary Contact Person: Maggie Brown

Email:  brownmg@myips.org

Phone:  317-679-3293

Secondary Contact Person:  Gwen Chesterfield, IUPUI-SITE Program Coordinator

E-mail: jschest@aol.com

Phone: 317.695-5045

Website:  http://site.iupui.edu/

General Info

Type of school:
4-year college or university

Program Description:
IUPUI collaborates with the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to sponsor the SITE program.  SITE is a transition program that serves an average of ten to sixteen students ages 18-21 each year from the Indianapolis Public Schools.  Students outside of IPS who apply and are accepted into IUPUI-SITE must enroll in IPS prior to beginning the IUPUI-SITE Program.  Students spend 1-2 years on campus taking classes, engaging in typical college classes and activities, interacting with college peers, and learning to access the campus and community.

Students can attend this program if they:

  • Apply and are accepted into the IUPUI-SITE Program
  • Are enrolled in Indianapolis Public Schools

Number of students in this program:

Top 3 Priority Areas:

  • 1: Self-determination/Self-advocacy
  • 2: Employment
  • 3: Social skills development

The minimum age of a student to attend this program:
18 years of age.  The expectation is that the student will exit public school upon completion of the program and transition to employment and adult services.


Tuition and fees per year:
None at this time

Room and board per year:

Cost of books per year:
None at this time

This program is a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) and students with intellectual disabilities can get federal financial aid:

Students can pay to attend this program using (subject to student eligibility):

  • Indianapolis Public Schools (Local School District-LEA) funds


Entrance Requirements:

Students need to be enrolled under IDEA in Indianapolis Public Schools

  • Have an intellectual disability
  • Have basic safety skills in an unsupervised setting

Students with intellectual disabilities take:

  • Typical Continuing Education courses

Amount of instructional time spent only with other students with intellectual disabilities:
Less than 25%

Average amount of time it will take a student to complete the program:
1 to 2 years

This program operates during the summer:

Students are eligible to earn a degree or certificate:


Students have paid, competitive, integrated work while in the program:
As available and appropriate for the student

Housing Options:

  • There are no housing options for students with intellectual disabilities

Social Activity Participation:

  • Students attend campus social activities with program staff
  • Students attend campus social activities with peer mentors
  • Students attend campus social activities with Medicaid waiver support staff
  • Students with ID independently seek out and participate in desired social activities

Additional Contact Info

SITE Staff

Maggie Brown, SITE Instructor

Laura Miller, SITE Instructor



Mark Gifford, SITE Job Couch



Betty Lou Rowe, SITE Supervisor




Gwen Chesterfield, SITE Transition Coordinator




College Info
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Pat Rogan, Ph.D.

Professor, Special Education/Urban Teacher Education

IU School of Education, IUPUI
School of Education