Getting Started

These steps will help you in your planning:

  1. Write down your career goals.
  2. Make sure the documentation of your disability is up-to-date, including a psychological assessment performed in the last three years.
  3. Locate catalogs of colleges you might want to attend.
  4. Practice explaining how you learn best.
  5. Know which accommodations work best for you.
  6. Fill out financial aid forms before school starts.
  7. Visit colleges before deciding which one to attend.
  8. Meet with someone from the Disability Service Office before classes start so you can (1) review your documentation, and (2) discuss the academic supports that are available for students.
  9. Know your rights and responsibilities while at college.
  10. Arrange transportation before classes begin and practice the route at least once.
  11. Attend an orientation to learn your way around the campus.

With those first steps completed, you are now ready to seriously plan for college by following these steps:

(Before enrolment)

    1. Choose a college.
    2. Meet with Disability Services.
    3. Apply to college.

(After enrolment)
    4. Identify yourself as a person with a disability.
    5. Get familiar with the campus.
    6. Register for classes.
    7. Attend class.