The Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition envisions a world in which young adults with developmental disabilities have the option of electing postsecondary education as part of the person centered planning as they transition from high school to the adult world. The postsecondary education experience includes academic, social and vocational components to promote life enhancing opportunities for the student.


The mission of the Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition is:

  • Promoting choices (postsecondary education as one) for individuals with a developmental disability;
  • Identifying the stakeholders;
  • Promoting model programs;
  • Facilitating partnerships;
  • Identifying and addressing systemic issues (allowing postsecondary education as an option);
  • Providing leadership;
  • Identifying and demonstrating outcomes (person centered planning).

Program Goals

The overarching goal of our postsecondary program is to tear down the barriers that have excluded students with developmental disabilities from the experiences of college. Further, the program will provide opportunities to gain knowledge and skills that can change a life of dependence to one of independence and productive work. Individuals with a developmental disability can and should have the opportunity to gain meaningful employment that includes a full-time career , a living wage and insurance benefits if they so choose.