Why Hire?

People with disabilities represent the single largest and most diverse minority in the United States and represent an underutilized source of qualified candidates. Experts in the field of workplace disability believe that employers ignore this workforce because they are not aware of their skills and/or may not know how to identify the individuals as potential employees.

Employers are missing out on the opportunity to hire well-trained, qualified people who also bring to the job loyalty, drive, and commitment. In addition to having equal or higher performance ratings than their counterparts without disabilities, workers with disabilities have the lowest attrition rates in this country. Bottom line: they do the job, and they stay on the job!

Through a public outreach effort, the U.S. Department of Labor is informing employers about this untapped workforce through Employee Assistance and Resource Network (EARN) and the Job Accommodations Network (JAN), which provides employers with information about how affordably and easily they can tailor the workplace to accommodate people with disabilities.

The best reason to hire a person with disabilities is because he or she is qualified. Employers also benefit in other ways:

  • Lower training and recruitment costs. People with disabilities have equal to or higher performance rates and are less likely to resign and move onto another job.
  • Increased productivity in work groups. People with disabilities motivate other employees.
  • A diversified workforce appeals to a diverse customer base. One in five Americans has a disability, representing $1 trillion in purchasing power.
  • Tax credits for hiring people with disabilities.

To learn more, employers should call 1-866-4-USA-DOL, or visit the EARN or JAN websites.